Who Are We?

We are an association of residents formed to advocate for Lake Gardner and its surrounding open and wooded spaces known as the Powow Conservation area.

The LGIA was organized by local residents to advocate for the repair the Lake Gardner dam after it sustained flood damage in 1996. Once the dam work was completed, the group went on to lobby for year-round access, which the public now enjoys. Working with community volunteers, the association spearheaded the construction of boardwalks and bridges over streams in the network, allowing access to the trails of Po Hill from both the beach and Battis Farm.  The LGIA is committed to promoting recreational use of the beach, lake and trails that comprise the green space along the side of Powow Hill in Amesbury.The LGIA is made up of members and volunteers from the community who view the Lake Gardner green space as an important asset to Amesbury, and are working to improve and extend its accessibility to its residents. 

Our goals are to see that:
  • The health and features of the lake are both restored and protected.
  • The water quality is monitored and improved.
  • The lake's value as an educational and passive recreational resource are promoted.
It is our hope that through public information and education, citizens, businesses, and leaders of Amesbury will take an active role in restoring and preserving Lake Gardner and its surrounding natural areas.

Join the LGIA

If you're interested in environmental stewardship, getting involved with your community, or just helping out, new volunteers are always welcome.  To find out more about us, why not come to a meeting?  Please see below for instructions on how to join us at our next meeting.  


Our group meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Please contact us at the link below to receive specific time and location information.

Contact Us

Questions, comments, ideas? 

Shoot us an email at: info@lgia.org

Kayaking on the serene Powow River.

Donate to the LGIA

Your donations will help us to continue to raise awareness of lake issues, improve water quality, and kick start our annual fund-raising activities. 

Lake Gardner Improvement Association is a tax-exempt 503(c) organization; donations to the LGIA are deductible. 

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