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2010 Race Results

2010 Lake Gardner Classis 5K Canoe and Kayak Race Results
Racing Canoes
Dave Lamouneaux and Andy Ouelette 32:20
Larry Douglas 34:30
Chris Nyman and Steve Nyman 35:20
Men's Doubles
John Souther and Matt Nyman 34:42
Shawn Burke and Kirk Olgen 30:48
Adult Youth Canoe
Dennis Morgodo and Matthew Mears 37:39
Michael Dylingowski and Danny McCall 38:00
Matthias and Max Bohler 43:07
Miche Hogg and Lori Ann Hogg 45:33
Quinn and Curtis Eckelkamp 49:38
Stephen and Kayla Pellitier 1:08:00
Women's Double Canoe
Linda Souther and Kathy Skelecki 43:20
Mixed Doluble Canoe
William and Shelly Farrell 38:57
Roger Mason and Kathy Tedford 49:30
Steve and Ann Langlois 55:20
Men's Kayak
Pete Schacht 31:50
Francisco Urena 33:50
Ken Soucy 36:47
Douglas Hopkins 37:55
James Farren 50:40
Nathan Katal 56:20
Men's Short Kayak
Ken Aspeslagh 44:07
Women's Kayak
Kathy Soucy 43:44
Maureen Farren 54:46
Women's Short Kayak
Mikeala Coco 56:36
Cathy Coco 57:00
Double Kayak
Charlie and Deb Dennehy 52:57
Connie Wall and Pamela elmonte 59:36
Adult Youth Kayak
Chris Bruno and Nate Masi 43:57
Mark and Brooke Gibbas 48:10
Andrea and Sierra Gibbas 49:50
Jacob Robicheau 55:40
Mateo Wirzburger 1:00:00
Annabel Dryden 1:03:56