Lake Gardner Beach  Amesbury, MA

Tucked away, yet convenient to downtown Amesbury, Lake Gardner beach is busy most summer days with sunbathers, swimmers and boaters.  During the summer, the town provides facilities and lifeguards.

Fall 2016:

  • The lifeguard season is over but you can swim at your own risk.

Beach Information

Access: Open to the public, year-round

Getting there: Driveway is off of High St.

Parking: Large lot provides ample parking
Swimming: Allowed inside of swim area only (strictly enforced.) See below for details.
Town Services
    Bathroom/changing rooms
    Swimming Lessons
Fishing/Canoe/Kayak Launch: Allowed outside of swim area. More Info.

Beach Details
Lake Gardner Beach on a beautiful summer day.
The Lake Gardner Beach Area is accessed by car from an entrance on High Street. Pedestrians can also enter on the foot trails at the northern end of the beach area, where there is a narrow strip of land that links the Beach to the to trails of the Powow River Conservation Area.

Public access to the lake, with small boats, is obtained by launching canoes, kayaks, small sail craft, and other car top boats from the northern end of the Lake Gardner Beach Area. It should be noted that Jet-skis are strictly prohibited and the use of powerboats is limited to those who live on the lake.

We are always looking for new ideas and feedback and we encourage anyone interested to email us.

  Beach History
The lake and beach area were historically used by local families, essentially unknown and under utilized for decades.  However in 1989 a full restoration project was undertaken. The project was a collaboration between the Amesbury Conservation commission and the Office of Community and Economic Development, it was funded with a combination of local, State and Federal funds.  Dedicated in 1990 it was a modern, attractive facility, with a long sanded beach area, bath and concession facilities, and paved parking for 100 cars.  However years of neglect, poor maintenance, and closure of the facility during the last five years, left it a hollow shell of its former self.

As construction to the dam was beginning the Lake Gardner Improvement Association began its work to advocate for revitalization of the Beach Area.  It was our goal to see that the facility be brought into good working order for its scheduled re-opening in the spring of this year.  Among priority items were drainage, landscaping, repairs to fixed structures, and various safety issues.   With the assistance of town employees, association members, and volunteers these goals were met.  On July 1st the beach reopened to the public looking much like the attractive facility it was when it was first dedicated in 1990.

Now our association is looking to the future of this facility with ways it can be improved.  For example, construction of the boardwalk and bridge has allowed year-round access to the network of trails throughout the greenbelt alongside the lake. As we worked on the beach revitalization during the last year our members overwhelmingly heard requests, which have now become the focus of our current efforts.

Primarily, residents didn't want to be restricted from using this facility in the future. Many voiced their opposition at returning to the very limited hours of 10am-6pm, July and August only once the area re-opened this year.  As an association we took this request and presented it to all who would listen, in turn we are now pleased to report that the town administration has recently approved a plan for year round Dawn to Dusk access to the Lake Gardner Beach Area.    Now residents can enjoy the beach area at their leisure during all of the seasons with as few limitations as possible.