Canoe and Kayak Race Results

Post date: 23-Jul-2011 00:48:44

From the Wayback Machine.....the Lake Gardner Classic Canoe Kayak Race a Success

Even with a rainy start, the Lake Gardener Improvement Association’s Classic 5 K canoe and kayak race was a success. After conferring with our local meteorologist, Ben Siebecker, the association made the decision to run the race on schedule. Ben analyzed the local weather maps and determined that the rain would stop at 9:30. At 9:30, the rain stopped and 25 hardy racers registered and enjoyed warm Andyman’s cookies fresh from the oven and music by Kevin Wall as they waited for the race to begin.

The fastest racer this year was Fracisco Urena, Men’s Kayak Class, with a time of 28:47. Francisco mentioned that his first race experience was with us last year! There was a very close race for second place in the Single Racing Canoe Class. Bill Farrell place second by literally throwing his canoe and himself over the finish line. The Snyder family was well represented; Erica and Amy did a great job paddling together and brother Eric paddled with Jacob Gleason. The Nyman’s also enjoyed a day of paddling. Douglas Hopkins postponed a trip up north to test out the beautiful wooden kayak he made. On the whole, racers had a quick race this year with many paddlers taking several minutes off their time.

We would like to thank our volunteers including :Steve Nyman- event steward, Kevin Wall- music and sound system, John Brucker- set up, Bruce Georgian- set up and timing,

Ken Aspeslagh- set up and water support, Bruce McBrien- set up and photography

Jeremy Kezer-registration and timing, Mark Bean-registration and timing, Kim Kezer- water support, Ben Siebecker- weather and Bernadette Lucas- general manager

Also needed mentioning are: the Merrimac Fire Department that was ready to assist paddlers in need, Andyman’s Bakery for the wonderful hot cookies and Stop and Shop for the refreshing water and oranges.

We would like to thank all of those who raced this year and made the day so much fun. Racers’ times are as follows:

Racing Single Canoe: Staurt Olsen 31:33, Bill Farrell 32:06, Pete Schacht 32:07,

Steve Nyman 33:49

Racing Double:

Shawn Burke and Kirk Olson- 29:57, Dan O’Reilly and Mark Peters 34:01

Men’s Double Canoe

Bruce Duguette and Tom Banville 34:31, John Souther and Matt Nyman 38:58

Women’s Double Canoe

Linda Souther, Cathy Skalecki 41:54

Youth Canoe

Erica and Amy Snyder 53:15

Youth Adult Canoe

Eric Snyder and Jacob Gleason 52:15

Women ‘s Kayak

Diane Tetreautt 41:42

Men’s Kayak

Francisco Urena 28:47, Ken Soucy 34:29, Douglas Hopkins 37:32, John Brucker 40:31

Double Kayak

Katie Ankiewicz and Jane Siebecker 47:29

We look forward to seeing kids, families and racers next year come rain or shine.

Bernadette Lucas

Amesbury, MA