The 1st Annual Lake Gardner Canoe-O!

Canoe, Kayak, and SUP Orienteering Adventure Race

Saturday July 20th, 2013 — Lake Gardner Beach

High Street, Amesbury Massachusetts

Date: July 20th, 2013

Questions/Contact: Shawn Burke

About Canoe-O:

Canoe orienteering ("Canoe-O") is a version of orienteering done using a canoe or kayak. One- or two-person boats start at staggered intervals, and are timed as they navigate a series of control points shown on a map. The map will be handed to you at your start time. Some control points will be accessible by water and others by land. The shortest time to complete the course wins. Strategy and planning usually trumps pure paddling speed, making the sport accessible to everyone.

About Our Race:

More than 30 people enjoyed our Orienteering race! Results are below.