The Lake Gardner Association Welcomes you!

The Lake Gardner Improvement Association is a group of Amesbury residents advocating for Lake Gardner, its beach, and the surrounding Powow Conservation Area. We also organize community activities on the lake, the beach and the trails of Powow Hill

 The beach, lake and trails are City of Amesbury property.

Please be aware that sanitary facilities are provided by the City, cleaned daily and open seasonally from May 15 to October 15.

There are no lifeguards; swim at your own risk
There is no smoking anywhere in the facility
Dogs are not allowed in the water during the summer months per  Board of Health
Grills or fires of any type are prohibited per Amesbury Fire Department

Groups of 10 or more MUST submit a permit application for use of Lake Gardner beach.
Groups of 25+ must provide their own lifeguard.
You can find the Lake Gardner Permit Application HERE.

Any questions regarding closure or hours of operation should be directed to
the Amesbury Recreation Office.
Phone: (978) 388-8137
Address: Amesbury Recreation, 68 Elm Street, Amesbury, MA 01913

CLICK HERE for the latest bacteria test results.
Visit the City Website HERE for additional information.
Physical Address: 79 High Street, Amesbury 

Important Notice

The majority of the work on the Lake Gardner Beach is complete, and the beach as well as trail access are once again open!

Please click the QR code or click the link visit the City Website for updated water quality testing results

Please park only in marked spaces, and respect the parking restrictions in place on neighboring streets. If the lot is full, please use the municipal lots downtown for parking.

Thank you to Flatbread Company for their support!

Thank you for joining us on June 12th for our annual fundraiser! We appreciate it!

Thank you for joining us for a great night!

Get involved and help us with our efforts :)

On this website, you'll find information about the association. 
It is also a resource for information about the lake, beach, and conservation area.  

Click here for information on the stabilization and revitalization project of 2019/2021

Lake Gardner, created by the construction of a mill dam in 1872,  is part of the beautiful Powow River. The expanse of typically still water provides a wonderful opportunity for relaxing paddling.

June typically brings comfortable water temps in the 60s, and by July it is typically around 70-80 degrees.  In the winter, the lake will freeze, but please treat the ice with caution. Local first responders never consider it to be entirely safe. 

A quiet paddle in the cove.....

Where the birch canoe had glided

    Down the swift Powow

Dark and gloomy bridges strided 

    Those clear waters now;

And where once the beaver swam

Jarred the wheel and frowned the dam.

   -excerpt from "The Fountain" by John Greenleaf Whittier