1st Annual Photo Contest

1st Annual Photo Contest

The Lake Gardner Improvement Association, in association with the Amesbury Public Library, held a photo contest to help raise awareness of Lake Gardner, the Powow River and surrounding Conservation Land. All finalists will remain on display in the Amesbury Room at the Library through June 30.

Winners have been selected by vote and prizes were awarded at our Canoe and Kayak Race.

Congratulations to Eagle Scout Andrew Saulnier, who placed first in our first ever photo contest with his photo of a father teaching his children to fish. Virginia Page and Anders Lund were recognized as well for their beautiful winter photos. Thanks for all who submitted photos.

1st Place — Andrew Saulnier — Quality Time

I'm Andrew Saulnier. I am a member of the graduating class of 2011 at Amesbury High School. One of my hobbies is, of course, photography. I love shooting pictures of nature and lake gardener has always been my favorite place to take pictures. This picture ("Quality Time") was taken in October of 2009 on my way back from walking along the Old Stage Coach Trail. I had stopped to take pictures of the lake as the sun was setting in hopes of capturing the beautiful scenery. I was able to capture a few pictures of a father teaching his two daughters how to fish. I believe this photograph represents the love of a father, and the happiness and simplicity that comes with spending "Quality Time" together. This photo to me shows how important the little moments of happiness are in life.

Runner Up — Virginia Page - Winter on the Lake

I live in Amesbury, MA, a small town north of Boston, near the New Hampshire border. I have lived in New England my entire life. It is a beautiful and diverse place that inspires me daily. (But I would like you to know that I am itchy to travel and hope that my future will include many, many trips OUT of New England.)

Runner Up — Anders Lund - First Snowfall

"On my way to Church in Dec 2010 I crossed the Jewell St Bridge. This photo was taken looking east from the bridge. A simple reminder how beautiful winter can be..."

Anders and his wife Marcia moved to Amesbury in 1999 from North Carolina, although they both grew up in the midwest. They have three boys; Devin, Haakon and Bryson.

From his first pinhole camera in 5th grade he was hooked. Photography has always been a passion of his. Recently, this hobby has turned into a small business. Anders started Viking Photos in 2009, to capture youth sports and school activities in Amesbury. Anders enjoys sharing his passion for photography.