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Sand Castle Contest Rules 2009

Sand Castle Building/ Sand Sculpting Contest 2009

Rules and Regulations
A. The contest is divided into several age categories.  Only 1 entry per group.
B. Participants are responsible to design and build their castles/ sculptures with the sand and water from Lake Gardner Beach.
C. Participants may start building as early as they want. Participants may register up to 1 hour prior to judging.  Judging will be held at Noon.
D. Decisions of the committee are final, and participants must be present to win prizes.
E. Castles and structures are based on creativity, originality and workmanship. The use of ingenious materials and props and creative design is encouraged.
F. Entrants are expected to put the sand back to its original place and take home any materials brought in. Your help in keeping the area clean is appreciated.
G. Participants will be divided into the following Categories:
1. Team/ Family
2. Tot  (ages 2-5)
3. Youth  (ages 6-12)
4. Teen  (ages 13-17
5. Adult  (ages 18+)

H. All groups must provide their own supplies and/or props.
I.  Recognition will be given to every group and a grand prize for each category winner.

Please, no sharp objects, weapons etc...   Please respect all ages.